Should the salary threshold for Tier 2 workers be reduced?

There are suggestions that the next Prime Minster should lower the salary threshold from £30,000 to £20,000. Industry experts believe that this will avoid skills shortages.

Currently any non-EU citizen working in the UK must earn at least £30,000, but under current proposals this will be extended to EU citizens after Brexit.

Many UK industry experts believe that all jobs in the UK were currently beneath the £30,000 cut-off.
Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt who is considered the underdog in the race to be the next leader of the Conservative Party, has said he would review the £30,000 salary threshold, while prioritising skilled workers.

Boris Johnson, has called for a new Australian-style points-based system. This would consider factors such as whether an immigrant has a firm job offer and their ability to speak English.

Both men also oppose the government’s target of bringing net migration down to under 100,000 people a year, which has never been met.

Recent figures gleaned from freedom of information requests show that, despite Home Office rules, 90% of nurses, half of all medical radiographers, 10% of paramedics and a third of secondary schoolteachers earn below the minimum.

A Home Office spokesman said: “Our new skills-based immigration system is designed to attract the talented workers we need for the economy to continue to prosper, while also delivering on the referendum result following the end of free movement.

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