Question and answer – Morgan Innovation and Technology Ltd

A family run innovation company, Morgan Innovation and Technology Ltd design, develop and manufacture innovative products in medical, defence and commercial industries.  They are passionate about innovations that have a positive impact on society.

Here, Nigel Clarke from Morgan gives an insight into a unique business.

What is the history of Morgan?

My Mum & Dad, Sue & Howard Clarke founded Morgan IAT in 1997 with the aim of supporting innovations that would have a positive impact on society. A couple of years ago I joined the business as Managing Director.

What is your business mantra?

Underpinning everything are our values of family, fun and growth.  Our people are the heart of our business and we promote a happy working environment, teamwork and inclusion.

And your corporate mission?

To have had a positive impact on 1.5 million lives by 2020, by harnessing innovations that create a better world. We are well on our way to achieving this, with the design, development and manufacturing of new products in the medical, defence and commercial industries.

How do you achieve this operationally?

We have developed a unique Innovation to Income (I2I) investment process and we reinvest 20% of our annual turnover into R&D. This enables us to support the next generation of innovators, from concept through to success in the marketplace. In 2018 three innovations will move from our R&D department into our production facility.

How does Morgan support innovation?

In 2017, Morgan’s 30th year, we launched the MIAT Prize. It offered £30,000 of R&D support to the innovation with the greatest commercial potential to change people’s lives. It was supported by Santander, East Hampshire District Council, SmallFry and the IET. Jon Bentley, of Gadget Show fame, was a judge.

With over 75 entries the prize went to iVisco, invented by Dr Arslan Khalid of Scottish start-up MobiDx. His revolutionary device provides point-of-care diagnostics for early detection of diseases. It profiles a single droplet of blood on a smartphone and measures blood clotting time using acoustic fields. It has huge benefits for developing nations.

What’s next?

The MIAT prize was so successful that we are running it again in 2019. We are pleased to confirm that Santander are sponsoring again along with new sponsors Moore Blatch and Menzies accountants, both of whom are offering their professional services as part of the winners prize.

We also support STEM in local schools, businesses and charities, to help students and graduates pursue careers in technology and innovation.