‘No-fault’ divorce bill – one step nearer

Good news, the bill to change divorce law to ‘no fault’ has passed the next stage which was a second reading in the House of Commons with 231 votes for and only 16 against on 8 June 2020. The next stage is for the bill to be considered in detail at committee stage.

This proposed change means that you won’t have to rely upon adultery or unreasonable behaviour where there hasn’t been a 2 or a 5 year period of separation. It is often a contentious part of a separation having to decide which grounds to use and this change would be a positive step forward for clients and family solicitors.

This change in the law was spurred on by Mrs Owens who was refused a divorce as the Judge decided her husband’s behaviour hadn’t been that bad, meaning that she has to wait for 5 years from separation before she can apply again.

Resolution, the family lawyers’ association said ‘Today’s vote was a victory for common sense and compassion. The current rules of fault-based divorce actively harm the ability of our members to resolve disputes constructively by cementing in conflict from the very start of the process’. Resolution have campaigned for 30 years for this change.

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