Moore Barlow’s Private wealth team celebrates IWD23

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2023 some of the women in the Private Wealth team have shared their experiences of being a woman at Moore Barlow LLP.

International Women’s Day allows us to champion our amazing female colleagues, and I am lucky to work in a team with plenty of them! This has been a great support to me in the early years of my career and allows me to see what is possible, as a female professional, in my career and years ahead.

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The way our supervising partner balances being a mother and manages her team with empathy and compassion is inspiring. We are truly supported, and I am proud to be part of the Richmond/Woking Private Wealth team being led by a strong woman.

Elizabeth Sam

Deciding to become a solicitor at 30 years old with a 9 month old baby was a big, life-changing decision but I’m so glad to have made this journey with Moore Barlow.  I have learnt so much from my female colleagues who have been generous in sharing their time and knowledge with me.  It is inspiring to work in a firm where there is a 50:50 equity male/female partner ratio and being human first the firm recognises that equitable action is still needed to strive for true inclusion.

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I am proud to be a woman from an ethnic minority who qualified as a lawyer from a young age and to be part of the Private Wealth Team in Richmond and Woking which is led by our admirable line manager Alex Milton. Her work ethic and dedication are commendable and exemplary to other like-minded women in our team and profession.

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I come from a long line of strong, independent women.  My paternal grandmother brought up my father in the post second world war era, single handily, whilst holding down a full-time job.  My maternal grandmother had a strong personality and one not to be easily reckoned with.  Not only did my grandmothers stand up for what they wanted, but by doing so, they achieved what they wanted.  My mother, equally, is a formidable yet empathetic presence and one in which I aspire to be.  All, for different reasons, they had to stand up against adversity and did so with dignity, which makes me feel so proud of the women I am descended from.  It is hard being a working mother but it is incredibly important to me that my two young daughters are strong and independent.  I am also very passionate in the support of the women in my team and ensuring that those who are working mothers, or will be mothers in the future, have my support to achieve a balance between work and life commitments.

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