Immigration changes scheduled for the 6th October 2019

The main change will be the amendment of the Shortage Occupation List, with many roles being added to the list and some removed.

One advantage of a role being on the Shortage Occupation List is that no Resident Labour Market Test is required when advertising it.

Another big advantage of a role being on the list is to do with ‘Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship’ (RCoS). With some exceptions, an RCoS is required if an employer wants to sponsor a worker who requires entry clearance and is coming from abroad

There is a monthly quota for RCoS, and a sponsor needs to submit an application by the 5th of each month to be considered in that month’s allocation. This is normally the 11th of the month.

Roles on the shortage list get a boosting in the scoring system used to award RCoS again making it better for employers to have the role being recruited for including on the list.

Furthermore, roles on the list have lower salaries too compared with the other roles. The government fees are lower too. The occupations on the list have expanded making it a lot more easier to sponsor individuals.

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