If the beast from the east struck again

A year ago this month ‘The Beast from the East’ cold wave hit the UK, causing chaos up and down the country.

We’ve already seen snow in parts of the UK in 2019. Some of the biggest problems it can cause are related to childcare, such as schools closing, transport issues and health and safety.

So it’s worth considering a ‘bad weather policy’, in order that all of your staff know, in cases of sudden extreme weather, what the procedures are and how soon to make decisions about work.

You should think about the health and safety implications if, for example, only 50% of the staff can get to work. Would it be safe for production to go ahead? And should staff who can’t get to work be forced to take annual leave, or should those who do attend get a day off in lieu? Also, how will it affect staff morale if someone living a mile from the office hasn’t made it in, but someone 20 miles away has? Is flexible working appropriate in such situations? Do your systems facilitate this option? If not, could you do more to help the business function in these circumstances?

If you’d like help putting a bad weather policy in place, contact a member of our team today. We’d be happy to talk.