How to fund a claim for personal injury compensation

In a claim for personal injury compensation it is important your solicitor puts into place the best method of funding of the claim for you. 

In the majority of cases the following methods of funding should be considered, and the most appropriate one for you selected. 

  1. Legal Aid. This is not usually available for personal injury claims;

  2. Private funding where you pay your solicitor as the case progresses irrespective of the case outcome remains available but is not usually attractive because there can be more beneficial methods of funding the claim;

  3. Trade Union Membership.  If you are a member of a Trade Union then your membership may include for legal funding which if available can be considered;

  4. Legal Expenses Insurance.  This is a particular type of insurance that is in place at the time the incident occurred.  It is often found within policies of car insurance and household insurance.

  5. Conditional Fee Agreement. This is often called the “No Win, No Fee” Agreement whereby you instruct your solicitor on the condition that if you lose the claim then you have nothing to pay, and if you win then legal costs are paid.  However, in a successful claim you are often able to recover from the party at fault the majority of your legal costs.

In a claim arising out of a serious injury or a fatal incident you will want to ensure you have the best method of funding in place for you.  At Moore Blatch we will carefully go through with you how best to fund your claim and if you instruct us under a Conditional Fee Agreement then in most cases we will ensure in a successful claim you retain 100% of your compensation.

If you would like to discuss instructing us on a personal injury claim arising out of a serious injury or fatality then please contact Matthew Claxson on Freephone 0800 157 7611 or