Distractions whilst driving

Distractions whilst driving is the most common cause of road traffic accidents in the UK.

Some of the most common distractions whilst driving include the use of mobile phones, the use of Driver-Assist systems and the use of Satellite Navigation systems.

Using mobile phones whilst driving

According to 2019 statistics, texting or reading a text on your mobile phone can take a driver’s eyes off the road for at least 5 seconds. Not only is it illegal to use a hand-held device whilst driving a vehicle but in such a short space of time you are putting another road user’s life at risk and your own life at risk.

More recently in August 2019, MPs have suggested that even the use of hands-free devices in a vehicle creates “the same risks of collision” as a hand-held device. In the interests of road safety, it is important to put your phone on silent and out of reach or sight whilst driving to minimise the risk of serious injury on the roads.

Using Driver Assist Systems to increase safety

Not only can a driver be distracted by objects around them, but you can also be easily distracted by your own thoughts whilst driving your vehicle. The introduction of Driver-Assist systems has meant that drivers have become less conscientious on the roads and concentration can easily divert away from the road to thinking about work, relationships, or your to-do list for the day. Driver-Assist systems provide alerts if they sense a dangerous situation and they can apply breaks to avoid a collision or can steer a car back into its lane.

In order to be the safest and most conscientious driver you can be, your only concentration should be what is in front of you. Even though Driver-Assist systems can automatically identify a hazardous situation for you, it is still fundamental that you stay alert with your eyes on the road looking out for hazards at all times in order to avoid a significant risk of collision.

Using Satellite Navigation Systems safely

It is critical that when you are driving, you are not taking your hands off of the wheel to adjust your Satellite Navigation system. According to a recent survey, the use of Satellite Navigation systems has caused 300,000 people to crash in Britain. It is vital that if you need to adjust your Satellite Navigation system whilst driving, not to multitask and divert your attention away from the road. Take care to plan your journey in advance and to adjust your satellite navigation system at rest stops or in parking areas to significantly reduce the risk of endangering others on the road.

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