Covid-19: Reality-checking your separation

We are living in unprecedented times. The next 3- 6 months are going to be really challenging for us all.

The trials of family life are different for everyone but these crisis situations crank up the pressure where there are merged or separated families.

What about those who are already in the process of sorting out their separation or those who feel that these challenging times will be the final straw for their relationship?

Here are some helpful thoughts from Family Law expert Katy Barber:

  • If you separated some time ago and have arrangements for the children, be mindful of the ‘self isolation’ restrictions currently in place by the government. This could mean that you may not be able to let your child go to the other parent if they or someone in your household is showing symptoms. The current legal thinking is that you should abide by the government guidance above all else – even if there is a court order in place. However, it will be important to keep this under review and think about indirect methods of contact such as facetime, calls and emails in the interviewing time.
  • If you are going through a separation now be mindful that you may not be able to meet face to face with your solicitor or mediator. Some court hearings may be postponed or take place on the telephone instead of in person. Most importantly however, if you are trying to resolve the marital finances be sure in your own mind that now is the right time to do a financial deal. The valuations of assets, investments and some pensions will have been hugely impacted by current events. If you have made offers to settle you made need to consider withdrawing them. This crisis is a double edged sword for most people – it could be both a good or bad time to settle depending upon your personal aspirations.
  • If you are contemplating a separation in these tricky times, then it is paramount that you seek some specialist legal advice as soon as possible to understand your rights and obligations. It may be hard in these current circumstances to access this important help, but Moore Blatch are fully equipped to get you the right advice swiftly via all types of technology. Provided you have a smart phone, we can set up a video conference by inviting you to simply click a link. We can help you with the practicalities so a meeting can take place, much like any other Facetime, Skype or video call. We are aware that not everyone is up to speed with technology but we are happy to take the time to make it work.

Let’s not forget that the internet can be a great source of help, but in family law often the advice available is misleading and complicated. In this current and ever changing climate it is even more important to speak with an expert at the front line of family law.

Please contact Katy Barber on 023 8071 8065 or by email for further information.