Corporate business recovery: what to do when your business is in trouble

We understand that the landscape is incredibly difficult for businesses at the moment, and that things are changing day by day, sometimes hour by hour.

Having worked with a number of businesses who have experienced very difficult situations over the years, we thought it may be helpful to share some case studies to demonstrate that it is possible to survive difficult times where it may initially seem that the most inevitable outcome is an insolvency procedure.

There may be solutions. If your business is facing difficulty, you need to act quickly, understand the position of all of the relevant parties, don’t overplay your hand and put forward a proposal that is reasonable to all.

We have released some of our case studies below detailing how we have helped businesses overcome tricky situations. The key is to maximise what you can from a terrible situation – the conclusion may be better than you think.

As it important to act quickly and as early to achieve the best possible outcome, if you have concerns and would like advice please do contact Peter Jeffery or Thomas Clark for a non-obligation initial discussion about your situation.