Are you ready for gender pay reporting?

While gender pay reporting currently only applies to organisations employing over 250 people, it’s advisable that any organisation employing over 100 people take a keen interest in the legislation as the rules could be rolled out more broadly over time. Although organisations employing less than 250 people aren’t obliged to report, they can do so if they wish.

Reporting deadlines are now just days away. The 31 March and 5 April each year are the “snapshot” dates for reporting for public bodies and private entities/charities respectively. Organisations must publish their gender pay gap data within one year of these snapshot dates.

Click here to find out how you need to report on the gender pay gap.

You should also consider adding a narrative to your report to explain your figures. We are on hand to assist you with this or any other queries you may have on the gender pay gap rules.

Even if the rules don’t currently apply to your business, consider how any repercussions from the reporting impacts those businesses affected and how a similar scenario could apply to you. Prevention is always better than cure.