A new era in divorce law

A welcome change in divorce law is on the horizon; there remain what can be difficult decisions to make regarding child arrangements and finances and we can help guide you through the same.

Making the decision to bring your marriage to an end is understandably a difficult and at times traumatic one. Historically the situation was compounded by the legal requirements to apportion blame and responsibility for that breakdown in most cases. After much lobbying by the legal profession and Resolution specifically on our behalf, no fault divorce comes into being on the 6 April 2022. This is a long heralded change in divorce law and enables parties to bring an end to their marriage in a more dignified and constructive fashion. We, at Moore Barlow championed this change and consider it one of the most positive changes in family law in decades.

A more pragmatic approach at the commencement of the process will also help promote a better prospect of the spouses being able to work together to resolve other consequences of the breakdown of their relationship, such as agreeing the arrangements for their children and managing their finances in a more progressive and positive manner and who gets the dog in a divorce. There are now many dispute resolution options available to clients such as mediation and the collaborative practice giving rise to out of court solutions in family law. This enables clients to work together with the mediator or their legal advisors to achieve solutions that are bespoke to them and their families. This also invariably gives rise to a quicker and more cost effective resolution than can be achieved in court based proceedings. 

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How Moore Barlow can help

Our team at Moore Barlow promote all out of court resolution processes and assist our clients to navigate which of the many options available are best for them and their family.

For more information, please contact us on 023 8071 8000 or email Jan Galloway, partner in the family team.