Share-based incentives continue to shine

Preservation of cash whilst retaining key employees – welcome to the world of sharebased incentives. Share-based incentives are not only a great way to incentivise key staff but to retain them as well. This is especially true for those businesses that can no longer offer cash rewards – whether attractive salariesor bonuses. Share-based incentives have […]

Insolvency isn’t always the answer – why it’s important to think outside the box

Scenario A A group with a £200m pension deficit but achieving £6m EBITDA – what should a new management team do when they realise this is the situation? The obvious answer was to put the company into an insolvency procedure. However, where, for example, the company’s business is heavily contracts based, the company would have […]

EMI schemes in COVID-19

What is an EMI Option Scheme? Away from the legal jargon, an option is just an agreement that gives someone a right to acquire shares at a point in the future. An Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) option is a tax efficient option, structured in a particular way to meet specific criteria set by HM Revenue […]

Make your employees beam with a share scheme

Employee share schemes are increasingly common and increasingly seen as a cost-effective incentive for rapidly growing businesses in a range of sectors. We have recently seen some of the early schemes we helped to implement now come to fruition, which has been hugely satisfying. So why have employee share schemes become so common? We believe […]

Update on EMI Options – 2

You will be aware from our EMI Option Scheme update found here that there was a lapse in the State Aid Approval for the extension of the EMI tax reliefs scheme, which expired on 6 April 2018. HMRC advised against the creation of new EMI Option Schemes from 7 April 2018 as the lapse in approval meant the tax […]