Asda equal pay ruling

In the latest installment of the equal pay claims saga, the Supreme Court rejected Asda’s appeal that shop floor workers could not be compared to workers in the warehouse. The claim, which has been ongoing since 2016, involves some 35,000 claimants who work on the shop floor. The claimants are predominantly female and argue that […]

Are you ready for wage rises?

This is the time of year when employment lawyers and HR professionals prepare for the changes to rates and limits in the employment sector, and we’re getting ready to distribute our annual Data Booklet containing brief employment law information. These booklets will primarily be available in e-format because of the pandemic and because many people […]

I’m being offered a settlement agreement. Should I accept?

A major consequence of the pandemic is that our economy is suffering. This is having an impact on everyone with companies and businesses of all sizes and across different sectors finding themselves in financial difficulty. The government has put financial support in place to try and keep businesses afloat during this period. This includes the Coronavirus Job […]

Foster carers held to be Council employees

In the case of Glasgow City Council v Johnstone UKEATS/0011/18 the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT upheld a decision by the Employment Tribunal (ET) that two foster carers are employees of Glasgow City Council. In 2011, Mr and Mrs Johnstone were accepted as foster carers by Glasgow City Council. They subsequently brought claims in the Scottish […]