New proposed road safety measures for pedestrians and cyclists

The Covid-19 pandemic saw a rise in the population choosing to walk and cycle. With restrictions in place during the initial lockdown period, traffic on the roads fell and people avoided public transportation, meaning cities and towns across the globe caught a glimpse of what their streets and public spaces might look like if pedestrians and cyclists were […]

Brain injury compensation claim guidance

Freephone us on 0800 157 7611. Traumatic brain injuries can have a catastrophic and life changing effect for those people who have been involved in accidents and their families. Claims for brain injury should only ever be dealt with by specialist serious injury solicitors with the necessary qualifications and experience to deal with the complex […]

Guidelines to an inquest

This guide is prepared to assist the lay person to navigate the complexities of an inquest but it is not suitable for cases involving matters of national security, military death or Article 2 Human Rights issues that require more detailed guidance than can be given in this short booklet. This guide is no substitute for […]

Interim payments and Rehabilitation

Interim payments and rehabilitation, in personal injury claims, are of great assistance to those who have either suffered serious injury or have been bereaved. As a solicitor specialising in serious injury I am dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for my client. Interim payments and rehabilitation help put injured people back on the road […]

Benefits of rehabilitation

The purpose of a civil law claim for personal injury compensation is, as far as possible, to put the injured person back into the position they would have been had the incident not have occurred in the first place. After all, would you expect anything less if you had sustained a serious injury through no […]

The devastating effects of catastrophic lower limb injuries

Catastrophic injuries to the lower limbs can take many forms from complex compound tibia and fibula fractures to multi-ligamentous injuries of the knee joint including the medial collateral ligament (MCL), the lateral collateral ligament (LCL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) and the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Following a traumatic event such as a road traffic collision, […]

Moore Barlow approach to brain injury

Our first port of call is to fully understand the mechanics of the injury, and to use our experience of similar injuries to provide initial guidance, albeit we are not medical experts. With this information we will ensure that expert opinions are sought appropriately. For example, even with minor injuries to the frontal lobe, clients […]

A guide to orthopaedic negligence claims

What is the definition of an orthopaedic injury? Put simply, an orthopaedic injury is any deformity/disorder/disease of the skeleton (bones) or its connecting structures, such as muscles, joints, tendons or ligaments. What are the levels of orthopedic injury? There are varying levels of injury to your bones from very serious to minor: Fractures Spinal deformities  […]

Cycle safety

As a keen cyclist I am delighted to have the better summer weather arrive to enjoy my chosen routes, and not surprising that there is an increased number of cyclists around on our roads with the same objective in mind.

Personal Injury Trust

If you are awarded compensation after suffering a personal injury, and you are also receiving means-tested benefits, it may surprise you to learn that your compensation could result in you losing your benefits. This is because means-tested benefits are only payable if your savings are below a certain amount (usually between £16,000 and £6,000 depending […]

What is ‘Gratuitous Care’?

Imagine what would happen if somebody in your close family were to be seriously injured in an accident. They would be taken by the emergency services to hospital, where the doctors and nurses would do their best to save their life and care for them until their medical condition was stable. At some point, your […]

Psychiatric Injury – time for reform?

27 years after Hillsborough, the jury who heard two years of evidence at the highly publicised inquests into the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans decided that the supporters involved in the 1989 catastrophe were unlawfully killed. The anniversary and decision from this long awaited inquest following the disaster, which resulted in over 700 casualties who […]

Compensation for the loss of a loved one – how are damages quantified?

When an individual successfully brings a personal injury or clinical negligence claim, they will typically be awarded a lump sum payment known as ‘damages’. The purpose of those damages is to put the injured person, as best as possible, back into the position they would have been had the accident or clinical negligence not occurred. […]