Electric scooters UK law – do’s and don’ts

With the emergence of technological advances, we are now starting to see the start of the “transport revolution” promised by the current government, following the announcement of the e-scooter trial that began earlier this month. Many people in the UK have used e-scooters throughout the UK despite them not being allowed on public roads and […]

What is Occupiers’ Liability and how can you protect yourself against it?

If a visitor on your land or premises falls or injures themselves, what occupiers’ liability might you have? There are two acts you need to be aware of, Occupiers Liability Act 1957 and Occupiers Liability Act 1984 (“the Acts”). These Acts impose a duty of care on occupiers to both lawful visitors and trespassers respectively. […]

Effects and symptoms of brain injury

A brain injury can have a devastating effect and cause a wide range of different symptoms. In this article, Moore Blatch Associate Solicitor, Matthew Tuff, explores the most common effects and symptoms: Excessive fatigue This is a common symptom of brain injury. People often feel exhausted much more easily than they did before the accident. […]

Degloving injuries

A Degloving injury is a severe injury where the outer skin becomes separated from the tissue underneath. Degloving injuries of legs, hands and arms are the most common. Degloving injuries of the head or torso are normally fatal. In this article, Moore Blatch Associate Solicitor, Matthew Tuff, discusses the causes of this particularly distressing injury […]

Headway South West London

Headway South West London (HWSWL) is a dedicated charity that helps individuals with brain injury, and their families and carers, across the boroughs of Merton, Kingston, Sutton, Croydon, Richmond and Wandsworth. It provides monthly support meetings for brain injury survivors in Wimbledon, Richmond, Croydon and Balham, a free telephone advice service for social security benefits, […]