Webinar: Artificial Intelligence Technology

How artificial intelligence products and tools can enhance and add value to your business. Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly used in a range of different ways to improve customer experience, streamline work processes and provide predictive analysis – AI is set to transform and increase productivity. Our webinar will focus on how AI products and […]

Business contracts: best by design, not by accident

The massive disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many more people working from home resulting in the number of face-to-face business meetings to drop to virtually zero.   This has led to an explosion in the use of video conferencing technology.  Whilst the benefits of these technologies are immense, they are not without […]

A surge in business interruption claims due to Covid-19

On 23 March 2020, the government mandated non-essential businesses to close and ordered individuals to stay at home except in a few limited exceptions. This had a monumental impact on the UK’s economy, with airlines, retail, hospitality, sporting and tourism sectors suffering unprecedented disruption and financial loss. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development forecasts […]

Smart farming – have you got the legal issues covered?

Technology has always played a vital role in the agricultural sector and it should be no surprise that Smart Farming is due to increase significantly in the coming years given the needs of a rapidly growing global population, the requirement for increased yields and global warming threats. What is smart farming? A group of technologies […]

Remote board meetings: how to get board resolutions passed amidst the COVID-19 crisis

One of the challenges that directors of companies may face during these unprecedented times is holding board meetings and passing board resolutions whilst still adhering to the social distancing rules and keeping safe. Virtual board meetings are an efficient and relatively straight forward solution to this, and you may even find that you prefer to […]

Directors’ difficult decisions during the COVID-19 lockdown

What can directors continue to do to ensure good governance of their business? The directors of companies in the UK across many business areas are having to make unusually difficult decisions. Sometimes this even includes if their company can continue to trade and exist. Directors take advice where necessary and frequently have had to act quickly. […]

Trade mark strategies in a pandemic outbreak

As with all significant events, novel viruses being no exception, people capitalise on ideas for products and services that could be relevant. For consumer goods, a commercially necessary first step is to launch trade mark applications in the expectation that they will result in registered and therefore more protectable marks. Coronavirus impact on IP and […]

Laurie Heizler

Intellectual property Date protection Commercial agreements I am Of Counsel and a solicitor with over 20 years of experience of intellectual property, data protection and commercial agreements. I act for businesses, schools, charities and private individuals. I represent parties in intellectual property disputes, and advise on contracts in all technology sectors and regulatory compliance. I […]

Facial recognition technology – protecting privacy in a world of surveillance

The use of live, or automated, facial recognition (LFR) software by law enforcement in public places is increasing rapidly in the UK. It enables rapid surveillance of thousands of people. Whilst the use of LFR software to locate serious offenders has obvious benefits to law enforcement authorities, concerns have been raised by civil liberties groups […]

Data privacy implications of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Data privacy law has always tried to strike a balance between individual rights and overwhelming social needs. With the COVID-19 pandemic now sweeping the world, Governments are taking extreme measures to save lives by encouraging social distancing and tracking infected persons. People in democratic countries are simply not used to some of the measures being […]

Coronavirus: How to deal with stamping formalities on the sale of shares

As UK companies continue to deal with the ever-changing effect on day to day business as a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19), one of the challenges which companies may face is the impact of the closure of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) offices. This might be particularly challenging when faced with post completion matters following transactions […]

Wrongful trading rules suspension: be careful what you wish for!

Due to the material impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on UK business, the Government announced on 28 March amendments to existing statutory insolvency measures. This is in order to assist directors of businesses potentially unable to meet their debts in the current climate. Suspension of ‘wrongful trading’ rules The way this will be dealt with […]

Commercial contracts

Robust commercial agreements that protect you, your customers and your business Well drafted contracts are essential in helping to provide commercial certainty, protect your interests and maintain the value in your business. Regardless of whether you are self-employed or a multinational company, the commercial contracts that you use are one of your most important assets […]

IT and telecommunications

Advice and guidance on all legal issues relating to IT and telecommunications In order to minimise risks when outsourcing IT, it is important that the relevant contract terms are drafted To make sure your terms and conditions are compliant with consumer legislation, a thorough understanding of social media and online business regulatory issues is imperative […]

Intellectual property and copyright

Protecting your intellectual property and copyright Intellectual property (IP) is, for most businesses, a significant asset. We advise on copyright, trade marks, designs, patents, format and database rights, know-how and passing off. Protecting, enforcing and exploiting your IP can be essential for the success of your business. The development protection, exploitation and enforcement of IP […]

Regulatory advice

Helping ensure that you comply with rules and regulations to run your business efficiently Support for regulated organisations with all forms of regulatory and legislative requirements to help ensure your business is fully compliant. An in-depth knowledge of how businesses are run ensures regulations are implemented in a way that best serves your business, your […]


Effective outsourcing can save you time and money as well as deliver enhanced services to your business Outsourcing technology or other services can have a wealth of benefits, helping maximise the value of your business. However, outsourcing contracts come with their own risks and it is vital to know what you are signing up to […]

Data protection and privacy

Ensuring that you and your organisation are compliant with all data protection and privacy laws Having the right systems and practices in place is important helping ensure your business operates in accordance with the law. We help businesses with: Reviewing privacy policies and notices. Data processing agreements. Supplier agreements and subcontracting when handling personal data. […]

Franchising and licensing

Supporting franchisors and franchisees in using a shared business model and identity Being part of franchised business can have significant benefits for both franchisors and franchisees, as your clients and customers will value an established brand. We have a dedicated team of franchise expert lawyers who have a wealth of experience in advising both franchisors […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Force Majeure and avoiding contractual uncertainty

This article examines the ongoing coronavirus public health crisis and its impact on contracts, the ability to terminate or cancel contractual obligations and refers to a recent case study. In general terms “Force Majeure” (FM) is a legal concept defined under a contract relating to the occurrence of events outside the control of the parties. […]

How can I support my customers without giving up my legal rights?

The impact of Coronavirus has meant that many retailers and other businesses have had to close their premises or are suffering a severe downturn in business. As a consequence some are refusing delivery or delaying payment. Suppliers have been asking us for advice on how they can support their customers during this difficult time without […]

Louise Hayward

Mergers and acquisitions Company reorganisations I am a solicitor in the corporate department and provide specialist advice to businesses and individuals in relation to corporate transactions and arrangements. My expertise extends to advising on mergers & acquisitions and associated transactional documents, including due diligence reports and ancillary documentation. I also regularly deal with reorganisations and […]

John Warchus

Technology, media and telecoms Commercial contracts Intellectual property Data protection and privacy Mergers & acquisitions – commercial support I am a specialist in in all areas of commercial and technology law and provide advice to clients in these areas, including dispute management. I have more than 25 years’ experience in the TMT sector: my clients […]

Sarah Crookall

Commercial contracts Intellectual property issues Franchising Telecoms Information technology matters Corporate support – getting your company ready for sale. I advise clients on: Terms and conditions for the supply and purchase of goods and services Agency, distribution and reseller agreements Franchising, licensing and outsourcing agreements Intellectual property issues Telecoms agreements Outsourcing, procurement and logistics arrangements […]

Dorothy Agnew

Commercial Intellectual property IT/Telecoms Yachting I specialise in Information Technology, Telecommunications, Intellectual Property, Data Protection and Privacy.  In particular I advise on IT and non-IT outsourcing agreements, development and commercialisation of new technologies, eCommerce, and the protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights. I also provide businesses with advice on a variety of general commercial […]

Commercial and technology

Smooth running of your business with robust agreements that protect you and your customers Protecting your business and its assets is essential. You will also want to ensure consistency of approach across your whole business at both a corporate and operational level. You may also need support with specific requirements affecting your business sector such […]

Coronavirus – How safe is your supply chain?

As coronavirus quickly develops from a local to a global threat, there are also increasing commercial concerns in relation to the ability of parties to perform contracts. In particular, the coronavirus outbreak is an illustration of the legal principles of force majeure and frustration which can, in the correct circumstances, excuse a party’s non-performance and/or […]

The corporate veil: an overview and update from recent cases

A key feature of a limited company under English law is that it exists as a separate legal entity. As such, the company itself assumes responsibility for its own debts and liabilities, rather than the directors and shareholders. However, there are specific circumstances in which directors and shareholders of a limited company can be found […]

The use of social media by employees and how social media policies have been used by companies

Social media has revolutionised the way people communicate. With people increasingly creating andsharing content online, the nature of that communication has changed too. As people use social mediaboth inside and outside of the workplace, this can present a unique set of challenges for employers. Under UK law, employers are vicariously liable for the acts carried […]

British Airways to be fined a record £183 million for data breach

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has published its intention to fine British Airways £183.39 million under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for serious breach of data protection. This fine is significant as this is the largest fine the ICO has ever issued; under the preceding Data Protection Act 1998, the maximum fine the ICO […]

Scaling Up for Success

Moore Blatch has recently partnered with Smith & Williamson to deliver a series of four Scaling up for Success seminars in 2019 to help founders and senior management teams in businesses that have an ambition to grow and ‘scale up’.

Tech update – Spring Summer 2019

Welcome to the Spring/Summer technology update, where we provide you with the latest information in the technology sector about key issues affecting you and your businesses.

Moore Blatch advises Crave Interactive Limited on its investment from Thailand’s True Corporation

Moore Blatch has advised Crave Interactive, the world-leading developer of cloud-based digital guest service solutions for hotels, on its major investment by True Corporation, Thailand’s leading telecommunications provider. The deal provides a majority investment from True Digital & Media Platform Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of True Corporation Public Company Limited. The investment will […]

Technology update – Winter 2018

In this edition we outline our top five rules for transactions and discuss the new framework for exchanges of personal data between the EU and US for commercial purposes.

New requirements for providers of essential services

The Network and Security Information Regulations 2018 came into force earlier this year.  These regulations impose security, incident reporting and registration requirements on providers of essential services (water, energy, transport, health, and digital infrastructure) and on businesses that provide online services to operators of essential services. 

ICO gets tough: Equifax fined £500,000 under the “old” rules for very serious data breach

The recent introduction into UK law of the more stringent General Data Protection Regulation rules (GDPR) has certainly raised awareness of data protection and security.  The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has just announced a record fine in relation to a very serious breach that took place in 2017, which meant that the fine was imposed […]

The importance of insurance in exclusion of liability clauses

Goodlife Foods Limited v Hall Fire Protection Limited  This decision has once again shown that the courts often place considerable importance on the availability of insurance in interpreting the validity (or not) of an exclusion of liability clause in a commercial contract. It also shows the courts being generally supportive of businesses limiting liability through […]

Update on EMI Options – 2

You will be aware from our EMI Option Scheme update found here that there was a lapse in the State Aid Approval for the extension of the EMI tax reliefs scheme, which expired on 6 April 2018. HMRC advised against the creation of new EMI Option Schemes from 7 April 2018 as the lapse in approval meant the tax […]

Are you GDPR compliant?

From 25 May 2018 the largest ever overhaul of UK data protection law will take effect that all organisations must comply with or face heavy fines and significant damage to their reputation.

Moore Blatch Business Magazine – edition two

Articles range from looking at the City’s property market, the risks of social media and introducing a new way to solve commercial disputes. We also introduce our new managing partner as well asour new home in Southampton.

Countdown to GDPR day – Top tips 1: Consent and the GDPR

Under the GDPR, consent needs to be “…freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous…”  In other words, consent will only be validly given where there is a clear statement or conduct by an individual which indicates his/her acceptance of the proposed processing.  Accordingly, the following will no longer be satisfactory evidence of consent:

Moore Blatch celebrates record year in Legal 500 rankings

Moore Blatch, a top 100 law firm with offices in Southampton, Lymington, Richmond and the City of London, has been widely recognised in the UK’s leading guide to law firms, Legal 500, for 15 of its work areas and 40 of its solicitors.

Facebook and others lose $500 million virtual reality headset case

A US Court has recently ordered social media site Facebook, virtual reality headset developer Oculus, the co-founder of Oculus and the former CEO of Oculus to pay Zenimax Media Inc $500 million after finding the defendants unlawfully used virtual reality technology belonging to Zenimax and the co-founder of Oculus broke a confidentiality agreement with Zenimax.

Changes to Anti-Money Laundering Regulations may soon affect online lettings businesses

There are an increasing number of businesses solely providing lettings services via online platforms and apps. Businesses purely providing lettings services should be aware the Government recently underwent a consultation in relation to the proposed Fourth Money Laundering Directive which when introduced as legislation will change how lettings agents currently carry out and assess anti-money […]

Moore Blatch advise on Sky deal with Chrysalis Vision

The team behind the long running Midsomer Murders franchise, who in 2014 founded Chrysalis Vision, has received a significant investment from Sky plc (“Sky”), with the legal advice being provided by Moore Blatch.