Equitisation of partnership at Moore Blatch

Moore Blatch has announced it is to transition to an all-equity partnership model. Previously, only 22 partners were equity partners with a further 27 being ‘salaried’. Now 47 partners become full business partners in the firm, having invested capital in return for a true share of annual profits.

As part of the equitisation, Moore Blatch has also made changes to its governance structure, forming a Partnership Board comprising a small group of partners who will be responsible for the overall governance of the firm. Managing partner, Ed Whittington, has been given delegated responsibility by the Partnership Board for making day to day decisions with help from an Executive Group which is appointed by Ed.

Ed Whittington explains: “This new structure aims to speed up decision making for the Partnership, ensuring we are more flexible and agile for the future and better able to respond to business requirements.. Bringing together the whole partnership group will ensure the firm is run in the best and most sustainable way possible. It also frees up partners so they can focus on running their divisions.

“The overarching purpose of the equitisation and changes in governance is to improve our firm, ensuring we create an environment where everyone can work and be at their best. This model also creates a sense of everyone having a shared interest in the firm’s success and reflects the collective belief in the range and depth of talent we have at here at Moore Blatch.”