Applying for a sole representative of an overseas business visa to live in the UK

  • This visa is for a senior representative of an overseas business setting up a branch in the UK.
  • If your application succeeds, your spouse or partner and children can also apply as dependants, and you can apply for a Sponsor Licence to bring employees to the UK too.
  • There are very exacting criteria for this visa and you will need all the right evidence.
  • We will help put your application together and make sure you are satisfying the government’s stringet requirements.

If you have an existing overseas business and want to set up a UK branch or subsidiary, you may qualify for a sole representative of an overseas business visa. Your employee must:

  • be recruited and employed outside the UK,
  • have extensive knowledge and experience related to your industry,
  • hold a senior position in your overseas company (but have less than 50% shares if he/she is shareholder),
  • have full authority to make decisions,
  • intend to establish your company’s first commercial presence in the UK.

You can also apply under this route if your company has a legal entity in the UK but does not employ staff or transact business. The employee can bring their spouse or civil partner, and children under the age of 18 years can apply as their dependants.

We can give you expert advice about the full eligibility requirements, your supporting documents and how to make the application at the relevant overseas post. Once you have successfully secured this visa and established a genuine trading presence, we can also help you apply for a sponsor licence to transfer employees from your overseas company to the UK.

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