UK announces new immigration system

The new Points-Based Immigration System will award points for an appropriate job offer, English language skills, and a salary threshold.

The education threshold will be reduced to A-level (Higher Secondary School Certificate or equivalent) from degree level, and the general salary threshold is being reduced to £25,600 from £30,000.

Applicants will be able to ‘trade’ characteristics if they do not meet all the requirements. Tradeable points will be given for salary, a job offer in a specific shortage occupation, and educational qualifications.

The UK Home Office will publish further details on the Points-Based Immigration System in due course, including detailed guidance regarding the points tables, shortage occupations and qualifications.
The immigration point system will take effect from 1 January 2021, once freedom of movement with the European Union has ended.

The announcement will also formalise a new fast-track NHS Visa for certain medical professionals with NHS job offers, reducing their visa fees and providing support to come to the UK with their families.

Applicants will need to have a job offer from the NHS, be trained to a recognised standard and have good working English language skills.

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