Schools – the extended furlough scheme

The furlough scheme is helping a large number of schools to reduce their overheads at a time when their revenue has been reduced by fee discounts and in some cases pupils not returning in September 2020. Boarding schools have been particularly affected with some pupils opting to remain in their home countries, even as schools […]

Teachers’ pensions – a continuing issue

The last 12 months have been some of the hardest the independent schools sector has had to face. Attention has naturally focused on the immediate educational impact of the COVID-19 crisis, and battling to keep schools running as ‘normally’ as possible amidst the winter surge in coronavirus cases. However, as the pandemic’s financial impact bites, […]

Dismissal of teacher with child images on home computer was unfair says Employment Appeal Tribunal

In the recent case of K v L UKEATS/0014/18/JW the Claimant was a teacher charged by the police with possession of indecent images of children under section 52A of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982. The Claimant freely admitted that the images were downloaded on to a computer in his possession but denied that he […]

Difficult decisions in difficult times: how should schools approach managing redundancies?

The last seven months have been some of the hardest ever faced by the independent schools sector. Whilst the Government’s Job Retention Scheme has supported jobs for a temporary period, all prudent boards of governors and senior leadership teams (SLTs) have inevitably been focused on re-evaluating their staffing needs in the light of reduced budgets and […]

Teachers’ pensions: returning to the fray

Whilst most of the attention recently has understandably been on the COVID-19 crisis, the past few months have seen a number of developments regarding the on-going impact of increases in employer contributions to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS) on the independent schools sector. An ever increasing number of independent schools have left (or are leaving) […]

No pro-rating of holiday pay for term-time only teachers on permanent contracts

The recent case of Harpur Trust v Brazel witnessed the Court of Appeal attempting to clarify the complex issue of holiday pay for teachers on zero hours contracts who work only during term-time.  Peripatetic music teachers are an obvious example of teachers who are likely to fall into this category.  The issue concerns the treatment of school […]

Can a direct discrimination claim be based on the employer’s religion or belief?

In Gan Menachem Hendon Limited v De Groen the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) considered whether an employee could bring a claim for discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief based on the employer’s religious beliefs. Gan Menachem Hendon Limited ran a Jewish nursery in accordance with ultra-orthodox principles and employed Ms De Groen as a teacher. […]